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New hybrid cars 2020

There are scores of hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars arriving this year, all of which could save you oodles of money. Meanwhile, plug-in hybrids often have a much larger battery that's charged using a cablepotentially giving you enough range to do a full commute or a trip in and out of town without needing to use a single drop of fuel.

There are lots of hybrid and plug-in hybrid models on sale already, and even more are due to arrive throughout the course ofin the shape of SUVs, coupes, saloons and even sports cars. The choice on the market has never been greater, with full hybrid, plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid cars all offering drivers something different.

Its larger proportions mean official fuel economy drops to Petrol and diesel versions of the estate are expected to offer around litres of boot space and the plug-in hybrid model should get close to this figure.

Read more about the BMW e Touring. The 1. Citroen plans to enter the plug-in hybrid market for the first time in with its C5 Aircross SUV: the plug-in hybrid variant will contain a Mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of the Ford Kuga are already on sale, but Ford has promised to introduce a full-hybrid model this year to complete the line-up.

It'll have a 2. Official fuel economy of 50mpg will satisfy most, although the styling may leave some unconvinced. Read more about the Ford Kuga hybrid. Jeep has developed a plug-in hybrid powertrain that uses a 1. The system will be offered in plug-in hybrid variants of the Renegade and Compass this year, each producing and bhp respectively.

Although this gives each car up to 31 miles of electric range, Jeep says the main benefit will be performance: the electric motor will deliver lots of low-down torque, aiding acceleration and boosting traction on rough terrain. Like the Jeep PHEVs above, low-down torque from the electric motor should make the plug-in Defender even better off-road. Currently, the plug-in hybrid vehicle with the longest electric range is the BMW X5 xDrive45e SUVwhich on paper can do up to 54 miles on a single charge from its 24kWh battery.

Read more about the Mercedes GLE. The French manufacturer is promising two versions: one with a single electric motor in tandem with a 1. The latter should hit bhp and have a mph time of under six seconds, while an electric range of 40 miles should be possible from a A full charge from a home wallbox should take less than two hours. The plug-in hybrid version of the car gets an If most of your journeys are short and you spend most of your time near home, you could save a lot of money in the long run.

Read more about the Renault Clio E-Tech hybrid. Acceleration from mph should take 7. Official tests show that mpg is possible if the All the information you need to know when buying a secondhand Renault ZOE Mk1, produced between and Want to switch to hybrid motoring, but prefer secondhand rather than brand-new? Our rundown of the very best used hybrid cars can help. All you need to know about buying a secondhand example of the Mk1 Nissan Leaf, which was produced between and A compact electric vehicle makes a perfect urban runabout or small family car.

These are the best small electric cars you can buy. The days of the trundling milk float are long gone: the latest electric cars are now some of the fastest vehicles in the world, full stop. The range of electric cars is continually improving. Here are the top 10 models with the longest range on a single charge. Lockdown getting you down?Got a question about buying, owning or running your car during the coronavirus crisis? The thing is, though, knowing which to consider and which to avoid can make the difference between a fuel-sipping investment and a costly mistake.

And remember, if you decide any of the cars in the top 10 are right for your needs, you could potentially save thousands without the hassle of haggling by using our New Car Buying service. The Q5 has long been one of our favourite large SUVsthanks to its hushed cruising manners, comfortable ride and classy interior.

It's even more fuel efficient than its predecessor, its interior is both roomier and better finished, and it's now better to drive than ever before. Why not combine low emissions with luxury car comfort? The Se keeps everything we love about the regular S-Classsuch as its long-distance cruising capability and stunning interior, and adds a 3.

You can travel for around 30 miles on electric power alone — or use the electric motor to boost acceleration. Honda's latest CR-V SUV offers excellent space for both passengers and luggage, and the hybrid version — which combines a 2. It's also the most efficient and refined CR-V you can buy, so makes a great family car. In iV form, the Superb combines a 1. For all the latest reviews, advice and new car deals, sign up to the What Car?

Read our review. What Car? And the hybrid car to avoid Infiniti Q Follow What Car?

Best Hybrid Cars

Quick search. All car reviews All car deals Vans and commercial vehicles New car awards Used car awards. Legal bits. About What Car? Information for dealers Sitemap Contact What Car? Subscribe to our newsletter Subscribe to What Car?The electric revolution hasn't arrived with the ferocity predicted by futurists the world over, but we're still seeing some pretty big leaps in range, performance, and style with the introduction of each new electric vehicle.

It's a promising sign of things to come, and one that gives shoppers a wide variety of choices. All of the best EVs provide enough range for use as a daily driver, while offering features and technology that didn't even exist a few years ago.

It's an exciting new segment in the automotive industry, and the list below highlights our top picks for the best hybridsthe best plug-in hybridsand the best pure EVs available today. Much of the credit goes to the fact that it looks and drives much like the gas-powered Kona that arrived last year.

We're impressed by the Kona's punchy engine and unique styling. The cabin is spacious for a vehicle with such a small footprint, and like most Hyundais, the Kona comes with a long list of standard and optional features.

Throw in a reasonable price, and it's easy to see why the Hyundai Kona EV is one of the best electric vehicles. Review, Pricing, and Specs. Available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or pure electric vehicle, the Kia Niro offers a little bit of everything. This Editors' Choice crossover puts it right in the crosshairs of shoppers who want big mileage numbers without feeling like they settled for something too small. The base hybrid offers up to 52 mpg, but we suggest getting the Niro LX, which adds basic features.

Step up to the plug-in and earn up to 26 miles of electric-only range before the engine kicks in.

2020 Toyota Prius Prime - Updating The Ultimate Fuel Sipper

Go all out for maximum green cred and choose the Kia Niro EV. It boasts a claimed range of miles. Much like its corporate cousin, the Kia Nirothe Hyundai Ioniq is a jack-of-all-trades. You can get it as a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, or a pure EV, but with its more traditional sedanlike styling, the Ioniq appeals to those who aren't interested in driving a pseudo SUV.

We like the fact that the Ioniq feels like a normal car from behind the wheel, yet the hybrid delivers up to 50 mpg, while the plug-in travels roughly 29 miles on batteries alone. The range of the Ioniq EV is only about miles. But if that's not a deal breaker, its affordable price makes it a very attractive option, and earns it a spot on our Editors' Choice list.The latest version of the 3-Series plug-in hybrid delivers many more electric miles but disappoints in gas mileage the rest of the time.

Mercedes sees plug-in hybrids as a gateway to electric cars; although as the U. Bentley's plug-in hybrid SUV has some surprises in its recently released EPA ratings: more electric-only miles than anticipated, but lower gas mileage than the quicker V8 model.

The sports car maker McLaren is reportedly developing a plug-in hybrid that will focus a little more on electric range and efficiency.

Best hybrid cars 2020

The BMW 7-Series plug-in hybrid drops its mpg, boosts its electric range slightly, and becomes a much better-driving luxury sedan. The BMW 3-Series plug-in hybrid has been relaunched, this time with more electric range and less attempts to paint plugging in as undesirable. With Honda's two-motor hybrid system, the Insight hits a high in city driving and is shaping up to be the highest mileage sedan without a charge port.

Although Fiat Chrysler sold a higher rate of hybrid vehicles than any other automaker, it came up last in fleet fuel economy. How'd that happen? This time around, the big Sorento crossover could be the plug-in hybrid instead of the Optima sedan. Americans will get more hybrids from Honda in the coming year, so we asked a key executive how they work and how we'll see them evolve for Honda.

With the powertrain from the Ioniq Hybrid and a look that borrows from the larger Sonata Hybrid, the Hyundai Elantra Hybrid could bring high mpg to more shoppers. Sales trends in the U. A study of used-car sales found that several Toyota hybrid models are lasting longer than most other vehicles of any kind.

Here are a half-dozen plug-in vehicles that set you up well for the winter. You supply the winter tires. An issue with the fuel tank is preventing some drivers of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid from using their full rated range. A coolant leak due to engine flaws could cause overheating and more in some Toyota and Lexus hybrids. If you can't or don't want to plug in, the Highlander Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient way to carry up to eight people. Hyundai has greatly improved the fuel efficiency of the Sonata Hybrid versus previous years.

The latest hybrid midsize sedan makes an efficiency leap of up to 10 mpg above the outgoing version—and now ties the Camry Hybrid. The Toyota Prius and Toyota Mirai have been related up until now, in some ways. With the Mirai headed in a radically different direction, will the Prius follow?

2020 New Models Guide: 50 Fresh Cars, Trucks, And SUVs

Mercedes-Benz pushes plug-in hybrid tech, will have 20 PHEVs by end of Mercedes sees plug-in hybrids as a gateway to electric cars; although as the U. Stephen Edelstein April 16, Bentley Bentayga plug-in hybrid rated for lower highway mpg than non-hybrid Bentley's plug-in hybrid SUV has some surprises in its recently released EPA ratings: more electric-only miles than anticipated, but lower gas mileage than the quicker V8 model.

Bengt Halvorson April 10, If you want to burn less gas, you have to get your power from somewhere else. Hybrid cars combine battery-powered electric motors and gas-powered internal combustion engines to provide impressive fuel economy gains.

Most hybrids are capable of running solely on electricity or combining both power sources to boost acceleration, depending on the situation. Plug-in hybrids have larger batteries that can be recharged by plugging in at a charging station, allowing them to run for much longer, and at much higher speeds, on electricity alone. It all sounds pretty convoluted on paper, but hybrid systems have been refined to the point where the driving experience is similar to that of a traditional car.

Sure, you'll hear some different noises — or hardly any noise if you're running on electricity.

new hybrid cars 2020

But unlike a fully electric car, you can treat a hybrid the same as any traditional car you've driven. Just don't expect to fill up the gas tank nearly as often.

We've put together a list of the best hybrid cars to help you pick the fuel-sipper that's right for you. Edmunds puts roughly cars per year through a rigorous testing process.

We test acceleration, braking and handling on our test track, and then we drive a real-world test loop that mixes city streets, twisting back roads and highway miles. For this article, we've selected the best hybrid cars you can buy today. Hybrid cars are making impressive gains in mileage, with the most efficient flirting with 60 mpg. Here's a list of the hybrids and plug-ins with the best mpg ratings.

Not all of these cars made our list of Best Hybrids, but if your goal is to spend as little at the pump as possible, these are the top contenders. The Ioniq Blue, an efficiency-oriented trim level that forgoes equipment to maximize weight savings, is a bit stripped-down but supremely frugal. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a lot to recommend it beyond its impressive mileage.

See also the regular Ioniq, which checks in at 55 mpg combined. Like the Ioniq Blue, the Prius Eco makes some trade-offs in the name of efficiency. You get less stuff, but you also burn less gas. On the flip side, other Prius trims are also highly efficient, and they're more pleasant to spend time in.

The Prius Prime plug-in hybrid is capable of going 25 miles on all-electric power. We do prefer the regular Prius, though, so unless you really want the Prime's plug-in range, we'd say stick with the conventional variants. Designed from the outset to be a highly fuel-efficient hybrid, the Insight balances excellent aerodynamics with more conventional sedan styling. You can keep the price down and have it with cloth seats or dress it up with heated leather seats and a sunroof.Like its Giulia sedan sibling, the Stelvio gets an updated 8.

But unlike the Giulia, the crossover also adds a few new visual touches on the outside, including things like body-colored fender flares and side sills on the Sport model, as well as a new rear fascia treatment.

The same six-cylinder engine remains, producing horsepower. Aston Martin introduced the Vantage AMR late last year and we drove it, actuallybut the powerful two-door is a full-fledged model. Unlike its traditional counterpart, the Vantage AMR uses a seven-speed manual transmission and produces horsepower and pound-feet of torque from its twin-turbocharged 4.

Thankfully, another manual Vantage is coming next year. Both the Audi A5 Sportback and its sportier S5 sibling get makeovers for the model year. On the exterior, the A5 and S5 get revised honeycomb grilles and updated bumpers, while the cabin receives a new But power stays the same; the A5 uses a turbocharged 2. Audi is going all-in on wagons in the U.

Complete with a twin-turbocharged 4. No official pricing for the U. Not a fan of the SQ7? Maybe the sleeker SQ8 is more your speed. The coupe-UV is also coming to the U. Like the SQ7, the SQ8 uses the same twin-turbocharged 4. The more-powerful Mi model uses the same engine but pumps out hp. But you do get a lot of bang for those bucks.

The M2 CS makes horsepower via a turbocharged inline-six-cylinder engine, meaning it can sprint to 60 miles per hour in 3. The M8 is the most powerful BMW money can buy. And it gets even more capable for with the addition of the Gran Coupe model, which tacks on two extra doors.

Using the same twin-turbocharged 4. The fastest version of the Bentley Bentayga is also the priciest. But, it can sprint to 60 miles per hour in about 3. The Flying Spur is a brand-new Bentley built from the ground up, now powered by a twin-turbocharged 6.

With that additional oomph, the Flying Spur can sprint to 62 miles per hour in just 3. The Bugatti Chiron has been around since But this year the French hypercar maker debuted a special edition finished in black exposed carbon fiber aptly dubbed, the Noire. It still uses the same quad-turbocharged 8. Apart from a facelift and a name change, the Buick Encore GX also gets a better engine for a turbocharged 1.

There will also be a smaller 1. And at the top of the range, the CT4-V pumps out horses from the same turbocharged 2. Both engines use the same speed automatic. Like the CT4, the base CT5 uses a turbocharged 2. But unlike its less-powerful sibling, the CT5 also offers a twin-turbocharged 3. And at the top of the range, the high-performance CT5-V uses the same twin-turbocharged six-cylinder to produce hp. We've talked a lot about the C8 Chevrolet Corvette already.

And even though the sports car is not yet in production, it took home an award for North American Car of the Year. Still, the long-anticipated Corvette won't go on sale until later this year.

The Chrysler Voyager is essentially just a base Pacifica.Here are the top 20 plug-in hybrid cars that will be available in This plug-in hybrid vehicle made its first appearance on the scene in Since that time there have been a few changes.

new hybrid cars 2020

The new version will feature a range up to 12 miles in all-electric mode with a combined range of with gas and electric motors. It also comes with heated front seats, sporty steering wheel designs and a host of other options. This plug-in hybrid will be available in Europe with three different battery capacities with a range between miles up to miles combined electric and gasoline engine power.

The ID. It may be sold under another name but the details have not yet been released. This is a plug-in hybrid from the German automaker that is highly anticipated. The new Volkswagen ID. Buggy is going to come equipped with a horsepower electric motor that will be located in the rear. It claims a range of km on a single charge.

new hybrid cars 2020

The new Outlander can achieve a range of 22 miles of travel distance when in electric-only on a full charge. It is rated at 74 MPGe combined. It comes with all-wheel drive as a standard feature. The new Ioniq is a versatile car that is offered as a hybrid, a pure EV or a plug-in hybrid. The plug-in model achieves a travel distance of up to 29 miles when driven on the batteries alone.

The new Energi is a mid-size car that offers a cargo volume of 8. In the battery-only mode, it can get up to 21 miles of distance for the range with a horsepower of The engine is a 2. It will be available in a pure red color option which is replacing the Venetian Red Pearl and a new Magnetite Gray Metallic will replace the ark Gray Metallic color.

The new Sonata will first be offered in a new and innovative new model that features solar panels on the roof for their hybrid edition and this will be followed with a plug-in hybrid version later in the model year. The new car which is a part of the N Line is claimed to offer more than horsepower as it was presented to the public at the New York auto show.

It is an attractive vehicle that is being offered in a gas-only model as well as an electric variant for a greater economy. It will combine an electric motor with a gas-powered engine and a six-speed hybrid automatic transmission. The all-electric range of the vehicle will be up to 47 miles on a single charge with the overall estimated mpg of 42 combined highway and city. It will make use of a 2.

The plug-in gets a higher range battery rated at To fully charge the battery from depletion will take about nine and a half hours.

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